NE    Surpa    Forums    and    Jonathan Motorcars/Undercover   Performance hosted   a   charity   car   meet   on   April 29th,    2012    for    the    Pink    SOCS Foundation.     It     was     an     amazing success!     The     meet     raised     over $8,000   to   benefit   families   that   are dealing with cancer.
Brighton Collectibles Every October Bright Collectibles reveal a new breast cancer bracelet, $10 from every bracelet sold will be donated to the Pink SOCS Foundation...
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Since   2003,   the   Pink   SOCS   have   been represented   in   the   Avon   Walk   for   Breast Cancer    that    raises    money    towards    the treatment and cure for breast cancer. As   of   2003,   the   Pink   SOCS   have   raised over   ~   $300,000   for   the   Avon   Walk   for Breast Cancer. This    October    (2013),    the    Pink    SOCS once     again     will     walked     39.3     miles through New York City to raise money.
The   Pink   SOCS   held   a   benefit   softball   game to   raise   money   to   be   used   towards   the Avon Walk   this   year.   After   a   day   full   of   teamwork and   home   runs,   the   Pink   SOCS   raised   over $1,500 towards cancer research.
Was held on February 23nd, 2013 An exciting night! Night at the Races was a huge success last year.  The   event   was   attended   by   over   120 guest   that   were   treated   to   an   evening   of fun    and    excitement.    Everyone    had    a great   time   and   helped   raise   over   $2500 for    the    Pink    SOCS    Foundation,    the funds   will   go   to   help   families   affected   by cancer.
The Pink SOCS Foundation Golf Outing was held last year on September 17th. The outing was held in memory of Bette Ann Pinkham.    Details
The Pinkham family has faced extraordinary challenges and loss, and has chosen to respond in an extraordinary way. Written By         MaryLynn Schiavi              For NJ Press Media            
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On Sept. 28, 2013 the Pink SOCS were at Brighton Collections in the Woodbridge Center Mall (only) to promote the unveiling of the 2013 “Power of Pink” bracelet. During the entire month of October a portion of each bracelet sold was donated to the Pink SOCS Foundation.
WMU football assistant Ed Pinkham has special place in heart for color pink, breast cancer awareness. Story By  David Drew
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On Saturday night March 5, 2016 the Pink SOCS Foundation held their 6th annual “Nite at the Races”, it was a night full of fun and excitement. Thank you to all that attended and to our sponsors, we raised over $5500.  Click below for  more Details…..
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