Night at the Races
Night at the Races   It will be an exciting night! Once   again   N ight   at   the   Races   was   a   huge   success   last   year.   The   event   was   attended   by   over   120 guests   that   were   treated   to   an   evening   of   fun   and   excitement.   Everyone   had   a   great   time   and helped   raise   funds   for   the   Pink   SOCS   Foundation.   The   funds   will   go   to   help   families   affected   by cancer. On   Saturday,   May   5,   2018,   the   Pink   SOCS   will   hold   “Night   at   the   Races”.   Night   at   the   Races   has become   a   favorite   fundraising   event   for   the   Pink   SOCS   Foundation,   it   is   for   this   reason   that   we suggest   you   send   in   your   entry   fee   as   soon   as   possible .   It   is   a   night   filled   with   excitement,   raffles and   fun.   Bring   your   favorite   dish   ( no   hard   liquor   is   allowed ),   we'll   supply   the   beer,   wine   and   soda (cash   bar   available).   There   will   be   10   exciting   races   to   bring   you   to   your   feet   and   cheer   for   your horse   (on   screen   of   course).   Come   and   be   part   of   the   excitement   and   help   raise   funds   to   help support   the   Pink   SOCS   Foundation's   mission   of   giving   money   directly   to   the   families   that   are affected   by   cancer.   Seats   go   quickly   -   deadline   is   April   28,   2018.   " So   don't   delay,   buy   your   seats and play ". Thank you for your support. Pink SOCS Foundation The event will be held at the: Rahway American Legion, 581 Maple Ave, Rahway, NJ Time: 7:00 to 11:00 pm Entry fee: $25 ($30 at the door if seats are available) Bring your favorite dishes (no hard liquors are allowed)
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